Manipulating mRNA Decay Pathway to Regulate Gene Expression

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The process of mRNA decay, such as the Staufen1 (STAU1)-mediated mRNA decay (SMD), is integral to the post transcriptional control of genes that have  been shown to be involved in a number of diseases. Alu elements are the most prominent repeats in the human genome: they constitute more than 10% of the human genome. The inventors report novel roles for Alu elements and lncRNAs whereby SMD is activated upon the formation of STAU1-binding sites (SBS).


Isolated inhibition of SMD could be useful in upregulating physiologic transcripts, in disease states caused by the lack of sufficient functional protein. 


The involvement of SMD in modulating the expression of oncogenic, proto-oncogenic, angiogenic and immunologic transcripts makes it an attractive target for pharmacological manipulation and future therapeutic development.


URV Reference Number: 6-1987
Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Methods and Compositions Related to Staufen 1 Binding Sites Formed By Duplexing ALU Elements United States 9,206,479 12/8/2015
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