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Mice Carrying Null or Conditional Mutations in the Bambi Gene
Applications:The Bambi gene encodes an inhibitory pseudoreceptor for the Bmp/TGF-beta super-family of signaling molecules. The Bambi mutant mice will be useful for research and drug development for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases, stem cell biology and cancer biology, liver function and homeostasis, immune system modulation, etc.Advanta...
Published: 6/17/2009   |   Inventor(s): Rulang Jiang, Jianquan Chen, Jeffrey Bush
Keywords(s): Mouse, Research Tool
Category(s): Research Tools
Mouse Model of Chronic Viral Hepatitis
Applications:The invention generates a novel mouse model of acute and chronic T cell mediated hepatitis, which shares some important features with viral hepatitis in man. The mouse model is valuable in identifying drug targets for viral hepatitis.Advantages:The mouse model is driven directly by CD8+ T cell and results from the recognition of an ant...
Published: 6/17/2009   |   Inventor(s): Ian Nicholas Crispe, Robert Pierce
Keywords(s): Gastrointestinal, Hepatic, Mouse, Research Tool, Viral disease
Category(s): Research Tools
Transgenic Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease Containing Either Wild-Type or Doubly-Mutated Human Alpha-synuclein
ApplicationsThis transgenic mouse model can be used to study Parkinson's Disease. The mouse model expresses a doubly mutated form of human alpha-synuclein. AdvantagesThis model has proven useful in understanding the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease in humans and can be useful in designing rational interventions to slow or halt the course of the...
Published: 6/17/2009   |   Inventor(s): Howard Federoff, Eric Richfield
Keywords(s): Mouse, Neurological, Research Tool
Category(s): Research Tools
HSA LR Mice (Mouse Model of Myotonic Dystrophy)
ApplicationsThe invention offers a transgenic mouse model for myotonic dystrophy. This mouse model expresses expanded CUG repeats and develops myotonia and myopathy. This model can be utilized to examine interactions between the loss- and gain-of-function effects of the mutation and to investigate the mechanism for nuclear retention and toxicity ...
Published: 6/17/2009   |   Inventor(s): Charles Thornton
Keywords(s): Disease Model, Mouse, Musculoskeletal, Research Tool
Category(s): Research Tools
Human-Mouse Chimeric Model to Assess in vivo Response of Human Glial to Injury, Disease Perturbation, and Drug Treatment
Applications:The invention has generated chimeric human-mouse brains in which the relative proportion of human astrocytes and oligodendrocytes is quite high, often exceeding 50% of all cells in the adult white matter. More over, researchers have established mice in which 100% of myelin, in substantially normal myelinated brain, is of human origin.A...
Published: 4/13/2009   |   Inventor(s): Steven Goldman, Martha Windrem
Keywords(s): Alzheimer's, in vivo, Mouse, Parkinson's, Research Tool, Stroke
Category(s): Research Tools
Mouse Model of Osteoarthritis
Applications: Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common degenerative joint disease and currently there is no effective treatment for the diseases. We have generated a conditional activation genetic mouse model that can help to identify new drugs for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis. The mouse model can also test the effect and efficacy of ...
Published: 4/10/2009   |   Inventor(s): Di Chen
Keywords(s): Mouse, Orthopaedics, Osteoporosis
Category(s): Research Tools