Med Schedule - A Web-based Software Solution for Nursing Staff Schedule Management


Med Schedule is a completely secure web-based software solution for nursing staff scheduling and management designed to handle the complex scheduling issues in a hospital environment. The scheduling process embodied in Med Schedule has three phases:

 1. Initial Self schedule: The employee can enter preferred schedule and preferences within customizable parameters

 2. Second self schedule: Employees can move themselves heavy staffed days to lightly staffed days of their choice.

 3. System Administrator Juggle: Administrator does the final juggle of the staff prior to finalization of the schedule.

The above three phased approach to scheduling has proven extremely efficient and effective and Med Schedule is currently being used in practice in a growing number of nursing units at Strong Hospital at the University of Rochester.



* Completely customizable by hospital, unit and employee.

* Allows for easy transitioning from current scheduling system using customizable productive and non-productive time codes

* Self scheduling over the internet or intranet. Employees can request overtime remotely with email confirmation of accepted or rejected requests.

* Ability to create employee groups. (RN's, PCT's etc.)

* Staffing levels can be tracked by Sub-Groups(specialties). For example: Total RN's, Charge Nurses, Transport Team etc.

* Multi security level editing.

* Dynamically produced daily staffing sheets.

URV Reference Number: 6-1739
Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
Saurin Parikh
Licensing Manager
University of Rochester
Vincent Romano
Marc Williamson