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Method to isolate and maintain skeletal stem cells stemness for bone regeneration and repair
­Background Large craniofacial bone defects, which are caused by various conditions, including trauma, infection, tumors, congenital disorders, and progressive deforming diseases, are major health issues. To date, the recommended procedure for skeletal repairs is autologous bone graft, a process by which bone fragments are harvested from one anatomic...
Published: 11/21/2022   |   Inventor(s): Wei Hsu, Takamitsu Maruyama
Category(s): Therapeutic
R26STOPrtTA Mouse Strain- a Unique System for Spatiotemporal and Lineage-specific Gene Expression
Applications: Inventor has developed an advanced method for conditional gene expression in mice that integrates the Cre-mediated and tetracycline-dependent expression systems. An rtTA gene, preceded by a loxP-flanked STOP sequence, was inserted into the ROSA26 locus to create a R26STOPrtTA mouse strain. When the STOP sequence is excised by Cre-mediated...
Published: 11/15/2018   |   Inventor(s): Wei Hsu
Category(s): Research Tools
Identification of a Novel Stem Cell Marker
Applications:The invention identifies a Novel Stem Cell Marker Gpr177, a G Protein-coupled Receptor. Gpr177 is a useful marker in the identification, isolation and characterization of specific stem cell population, including neural stem cells in specific regions of the brain and spinal cord, and cancer stem cells as well.Advantages:The Gpr177-expressing...
Published: 3/8/2022   |   Inventor(s): Wei Hsu
Keywords(s): Biomarkers, Neurological, Research Tool, Stem Cell
Category(s): Research Tools