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Optical design method and solutions of linear-in-k spectrometers exhibiting extremely low residual nonlinearity
Background A spectrometer is an optical instrument used to measure the intensity of light by wavelength, or wavenumber (k). A conventional spectrometer has intrinsic nonlinearity in k over the pixels due to the nonlinear angular dispersion in k corresponding to the grating or prism used. For spectrometers used in spectral domain optical coherence tomography...
Published: 8/5/2022   |   Inventor(s): Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Aaron Bauer, Changsik Yoon
Category(s): Optics, Devices
Freeform and Nanostructured Surfaces Based Augmented Reality Sunglass Display
A near eye display includes at least one of a combiner, a secondary mirror, and a waveguide having a freeform nanostructured surface. The freeform nanostructured surface encompasses a freeform surface, a nanostructured surface or a combination of both the freeform surface and the nanostructured surface. The freeform nanostructured surface can be incorporated...
Published: 6/1/2021   |   Inventor(s): Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Anthony (Nick) Vamivakas, Alexander Kitt, Aaron Bauer
Keywords(s): Nano-optics, Optical Network
Category(s): Optics, Nanotechnology, Imaging