Freeform and Nanostructured Surfaces Based Augmented Reality Sunglass Display

A near eye display includes at least one of a combiner, a secondary mirror, and a waveguide having a freeform nanostructured surface. The freeform nanostructured surface encompasses a freeform surface, a nanostructured surface or a combination of both the freeform surface and the nanostructured surface. The freeform nanostructured surface can be incorporated into a combiner or a secondary mirror in the near eye display in a compact folded geometry, wherein an anamorphic or freeform optic can be optically intermediate an image source and the freeform nanostructured surface. The nanostructured surface can include a meta-grating operable across the visible spectrum. The meta-grating includes meta-atoms configured to provide a given efficiency at the desired wavelengths in reflection.

URV Reference Number: 2-15062
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Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Freeform Nanostructured Surface for Virtual and Augmented Reality Near Eye Display United States 10,371,951 8/6/2019
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