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Telecentric and Broadband Achromatic Objective Lens Systems and Method of Use in Optical Coherence Tomography for the Metrology of Freeform Optical Components
ProblemThe application of optical coherence tomography for the metrology of freeform optical components requires objective lens systems that are highly telecentric and broadband achromatic.SolutionTo meet these requirements, two new objective lens designs are invented: a large field-of-view objective, and a large numerical aperture objective. Specifications...
Published: 9/30/2020   |   Inventor(s): Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Di Xu, Romita Chaudhuri
Category(s): Imaging, Optics, Devices
Absolute Linear-in-K Spectrometer Using Freeform Optics
We present an optical design method and solutions of linear-in-k spectrometers exhibiting extremely low residual nonlinearity (< 10E-4%) made possible by the inclusion of a freeform optics. Previous work in the literature shows that hardware-based solutions for k-linearization by adding a prism after the grating have residual non-linearity. The merit...
Published: 11/15/2019   |   Inventor(s): Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Aaron Bauer, Changsik Yoon
Category(s): Optics, Devices
Cascade Fourier Domain Optical Coherence Tomography for the Metrology of Optical Components Including Freeform
ProblemRecent advances in deterministic grinding and polishing of optical quality surfaces have enabled the manufacturing of optical components with increasingly more complex surface shapes. Rotationally variant, i.e. freeform, optical components are of increasing interest to the optical design community as they allow for substantial advances in optical...
Published: 11/14/2019   |   Inventor(s): Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Di Xu
Category(s): Optics
maging spectrometer with freeform surfaces
"Expanded performance opportunities for imaging spectrometers are described using ϕ-polynomial freeform surfaces in reflective and diffractive optics. The imaging spectrometers are generally of a type that include an entrance aperture for admitting radiation over a range of wavelengths, a detector array, a primary reflective optic with optical...
Published: 11/14/2019   |   Inventor(s): Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Jacob Reimers
Category(s): Optics
Freeform and Nanostructured Surfaces Based Augmented Reality Sunglass Display
A near eye display includes at least one of a combiner, a secondary mirror, and a waveguide having a freeform nanostructured surface. The freeform nanostructured surface encompasses a freeform surface, a nanostructured surface or a combination of both the freeform surface and the nanostructured surface. The freeform nanostructured surface can be incorporated...
Published: 11/14/2019   |   Inventor(s): Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Anthony (Nick) Vamivakas, Alexander Kitt, Aaron Bauer
Keywords(s): Nano-optics, Optical Network
Category(s): Optics, Nanotechnology, Imaging
An Imaging Spectrometer Apparatus with Freeform Optics
A full-field display for spectrally dispersive imaging optics, particularly as a design tool for evaluating optical designs including designs with freeform optical surfaces, includes a ray tracing module arranged for modeling local aberrations throughout the image field of the spectrometer and a display module that converts values of the modeled local...
Published: 11/14/2019   |   Inventor(s): Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Jacob Reimers
Category(s): Optics
Compact, Fast, Large Field of View, Three-Mirror Imager and Modular Test Apparatus for Phi-Polynomial Surfaces
Applications: The technology could be used as a long wave infrared imaging system that can have a compact geometry while providing a superior focal ratio and field of view then those of existing imagers of similar size. It also has the potential to be scaled and used for larger systems or in multiple wavelength band instruments.Advantages: Current long...
Published: 4/25/2019   |   Inventor(s): Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Kyle Fuerschbach
Category(s): Imaging, Optics
Dual-Detection of Phase for Full Range Doppler OCT
A dual detection technique for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) preserves the phase information in the acquired spectra by the retrieval of quadrature components of the complex interferometric signal. A rotatable non-polarizing beam splitter cube provides the required p/2 phase shifted interference signal.ApplicationsOptical coherence tomography (OCT)...
Published: 5/4/2010   |   Inventor(s): Kye-Sung Lee, Panomsak Meemon, Jannick Rolland-Thompson
Category(s): Diagnostic, Optics