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A Functional Monoclonal Antibody Against DC-STAMP
Brief Description: Bone is a very dynamic organ as evidenced by the process of bone remodeling which relies on a delicate balance between bone formation and bone resorption and is orchestrated by osteoblasts (OB) and osteoclasts (OC). The coordinated interplay of OB and OC continuously remodels bone through highly regulated molecular and cellular...
Published: 11/28/2022   |   Inventor(s): Kofi Mensah, Yahui Grace Chiu, Christopher Ritchlin, Edward Schwarz
Keywords(s): Antibody, Anti-inflammatory, Inflammation, Orthopaedics, Osteoporosis, Reagent
Category(s): Research Tools
Mouse Model of Osteoarthritis: Over-Expression of Smurf2 in Cartilage to Induce Disease and Over-expression of Smurf1 as a Potential Therapeutic Strategy
Applications:We have generated col2-promoter-Smad ubiquitin regulatory factor2 (col2-Smurf2) transgenic mice which possess a loss of TGFß signaling and display each of above characteristics, thus displaying a phenotype more representative of the disease process. Furthermore, the over-expression of Smurf2 in cartilage that has been induced in...
Published: 3/8/2022   |   Inventor(s): Randy Rosier, Michael Zuscik, Qiugian Wu, Edward Schwarz
Keywords(s): Diagnostic, Therapy
Category(s): Research Tools