Implantable Real-Time Monitor for Strokes and Post Traumatic Brain Injury Complications

Brief Description:

Real-time monitoring for strokes and post traumatic brain injury complications would provide early warning for timely intervention. Current methods of CT angiography or the use of the Licox probe are impractical for continuous monitoring, especially in moving subjects.


This invention relates to an implantable device for continuous monitoring of post-stroke patients to prevent recurrent strokes. It would also allow monitoring for any complications following traumatic brain injury. Treatment for stroke is more time sensitive but less dramatic on presentation than cardiac insults. Therefore, early detection is critical to have a favorable prognosis.


This device functions as a real-time stroke detection device that would alarm the patient as well as the hospital. It can function as a screening/alerting tool for would-be strokes. It can also send an alarm to identify hemorrhage or brain swelling that occur following brain trauma.

URV Reference Number: 6-2105
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