ADTools 2.0

Brief Description: AD Tools 2.0 is a web based active directory account administration tool.


Application: AD Tools 2.0 is a web based tool for active directory account holders, help desk, office administrators, active directory administrators, exchange server administrators and system administrators. It serves both functioning and recording purposes.


Advantages: AD Tools 2.0 is the second of the AD Tools application line. The previous AD Tools application saw great success and was used in the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) for five years. The latest version, AD Tools 2.0, has a new look and feel and adds a number of new improvements including development environment upgrades, development language upgrades, mailbox server upgrades, and eRecord upgrades. The new program also includes a user most requested feature to help make the application more accessible and efficient. This new version is up and running and was implemented at URMC in early 2011.

URV Reference Number: 6-2016
Patent Information:
Computer Software
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Daisy Bunbury
Licensing Manager
University of Rochester
Wenbo Shi
Kevin Sciacca