microEZMix -- A Prefilled Mix and Inject Syringe System


Powdered medication that must be reconstituted with a diluent before it can be injected requires a number of components and several cumbersome steps. The process becomes especially taxing for those who need to self-inject several times daily, often while away from the privacy of home. Non-compliance to a scheduled medication therapy due to the difficulty could result in serious negative affects on the patient's health.



This technology utilizes standard syringe components in a novel manner for a simple, ready to use, pre-filled syringe system which is activated just prior to injection. It combines several components in one convenient package, minimizing handling, to simplify the steps required to dispense the medication by injection. It will allow for an easier, faster and more convenient method of reconstituting drugs in powder form to be injected.


URV Reference Number: 6-1834
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Zubair Mirza
Senior Manager, Physical Sciences
University of Rochester
Tristan Barrueco
Mark Deangelo
Nicole Ruszczak
Arthur Salo