Contact Lenses to Control Myopia Progression

The population of myopia patients has been booming worldwide. Although myopia can be easily corrected with optical and surgical interventions, pathological myopia is known to increase the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration which cause large social economic burden worldwide. The genesis of myopia remains uncertain, but is generally considered to have a multifactorial origin composed of optical, genetic and environmental factors.


The goal of this invention is to develop opthalmic/optometric/surgical interventions based on optical designs to reduce (if not stop) myopia progression. The key idea is based on a potential mechanism to slow down the eye growth by desensitizing the peripheral visual system to differential changes in blur orientation in the peripheral visual field. We develop the new optical designs using combination of multiple aberrations that increases depth of focus (DoF) and blur symmetry through focus.


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URV Reference Number: 6-18115
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