Health Behavior Survey, Sign Language Version

The Health Behavior Survey, Sign Language Version is a computer-based interactive video survey that includes:
1) Design and program code for an interactive graphical and text interface that collects confidential, self-reported demographic and health risk behavior information from members of the deaf and hard of hearing community
2) Video clips of translated health behavior survey items.  The items were translated from existing English items into American Sign Language or English-based sign language to make the items linguistically accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.
URV Reference Number: 6-1558
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Saurin Parikh
Licensing Manager
University of Rochester
Elouise Oyzon
Mike Delany
Vincent Samar
Robyn Dean
Robert Pollard
Susan Demers Postlethwait
Peter Lalley
Amanda O'Hearn
Patrick Graybill
Elizabeth Grace Finnigan
Juliana Aggas