Method and Apparatus for Narrowing the Spectral Emission from High-Power Laser Diodes

Methods and apparatus for spectral narrowing and wavelength stabilization of broad-area lasers, such as an apparatus including a broad-area laser source configured to emit light along an emission axis in an emission pattern extending along the emission axis, and a single-mode fiber Bragg grating, such as a single-mode core incorporating a fiber Bragg grating embedded in a core of a dual-clad fiber, the single-mode fiber Bragg grating configured to spectrally selectively reflect back light from a sub-aperture portion of the emitted light to the broad-area laser source. The single mode core having the FBG is off-axis in comparison to the central axis of the double-clad fiber and allows for frequency stabilization of the broad area laser diode output improving its performance as pump laser for a doped fiber amplifier.

URV Reference Number: 2-14072
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Method and Apparatus for Spectral Narrowing and Wavelength Stabilization of Broad-Area Lasers United States 10,389,087 8/20/2019
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