Optomechanical Disk Vibratory Gyroscopes

Patent Abstract


An integrated optomechanical disk vibratory gyroscope device includes a mechanical oscillator having a substantially circular structure. The substantially circular structure is supported by a pillar, and mechanically isolated from a surrounding structure by a gap or slot. One or more actuators are coupled to the mechanical oscillator across the gap or slot. Each of the one or more actuators is configured to excite the mechanical oscillator in a driving mode. One or more optomechanical cavities are disposed substantially in a plane defined by the mechanical oscillator. At least one component of the one or more optomechanical cavities is disposed on or in the substantially circular structure. Each of the at least one or more optomechanical cavities configured to measure a displacement of the mechanical oscillator in a sensing mode. A method of manufacture is also described.



URV Reference Number: 2-11144-14003
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