Novel Treatment for Acute and Traumatic Nerve Injury

Brief description:

This invention provides a novel method for the localized and effective administration of a small molecule for the treatment of acute peripheral nerve injuries.



Injury to the peripheral nerves can occur through a variety of trauma.  Common causes of these injuries include: laceration, focal contusion (gunshot wounds), stretch/traction injury, compression, and others. Depending on the severity, blunt trauma treatment consists mostly of observation since nerve function can return with time.  Often, immobilization, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications/NSAIDS, and pain medications such as acetaminophen are administered. Penetrating trauma that involves a transection of the nerve will likely require surgical repair, when possible. In all cases, recovery typically takes many months. Dr. Elfar and his laboratory have described, in vivo, a locally administered small molecule that decreases recovery times significantly.



The described molecule when formulated with novel encapsulation techniques can deliver effective dosing regimens to the specific site of nerve injury over a prescribed duration. This approach is favored over competing drug therapies, which have relied on systemic administration or observation where recoveries can take months.

URV Reference Number: 6-2164
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