A Convenient Metal-Based Interferometric Autocorrelation Technique

This disclosure is the continuation of an earlier invention which describes a technique for temporally characterizing ultra short (femtosecond) laser pulses, using a metal-based second-order autocorrelation technique.

In this disclosure, further proof has been presented to confirm the previously shown advantages of the technique as compared to the conventional nonlinear crystal-based autocorrelation methods. The technique has been fully characterized and the dependence of the metal-based autocorrelation signal on incident laser beam angle and light polarization has been determined. The results provide a more complete knowledge to optimize this autocorrelation technique.  The technique has also been extended to both second-and third-order interferometric autocorrelation measurements that are more suitable for sub 20-fs ultrashort pulse measurements. These results confirm the potential of this autocorrelation technique for temporally characterizing ultrafast light sources with super-broad spectrum, such as those produced from photonic-crystal fibers.

URV Reference Number: 2-11150-05035
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