Automatic Sports Video Analyzer (ASVA)

This software with novel content-sensitive algorithms provides real-time, automatic analysis and summarization of digital sports video material.  The system extracts key events from a sporting event.  These key events include goals scored in a soccer match, touchdowns in a football game, or referee decisions.   The tool could allow an individual to catch the highlights of a sporting event recorded with a personal video recorder (PVR).  It could be used in place of more manual editing methods for TV sports broadcasts or for streaming video to cell phones, PDAs and the Internet. Because the system can automatically extract video events in MPEG-7 format, it can also enable the indexing of large sports databases for use, for example, in training and coaching.

The user can pick from a list of choices relative to a given sporting event.  The tool relies on a combination of cinematic features, object-based features and audio to make its selections.  The result is that the system can, in real-time, summarize certain sporting events, and automatically compile a highlight summary of the event.  All of the analysis for this is performed real-time. Soccer, football and tennis have been addressed in the initial work.

URV Reference Number: 2-11144-03002
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