Astroflow Framework for Planetarium Demonstration and Teaching

The software provides a user-friendly demonstration of astrophysics for use in planetariums and schools. It presents the user with observed astronomical pictures of stars and galaxies and then allows the user to apply the laws of astrophysical fluid dynamics to simulate the structures, using an interactive computer program. The first application of the software is to be in kiosks located in the lobby and display areas of a planetarium for use by children and adults. The kiosk contains an attractive display of photos of astronomical bodies, a computer and a simple, robust "mouse & clicker" interface. Two or three people can work together at the kiosk to find the parameters that create a simulation that matches the observed astrophysical body. The second application is as a pure software product for use in college undergraduate astronomy and physics courses.  This version will be more technical, and allow students to be more creative and quantitative in their simulations.


URV Reference Number: 1-11072-909
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