Mobile Applications Using Higher Capacity Color Barcodes

Applications:  The technology provides the framework for the creation of high capacity color QR codes. These color barcodes are able to encode up to three times the data of the commonly used monochrome codes. The ability to encode more data is advantageous for advertisers and companies as more information can be provided to the customer.


Advantages:  The use of color allows QR codes to encode for more data per area then monochrome codes. While some color barcodes currently exist, they are susceptible to misregistration errors among the color planes observed in the printing process. Additionally, this method builds on the framework of accepted monochrome QR codes, which means it requires only simple pre-processing before it can be decoded by the existing QR decoders. This keeps the process computationally lightweight and allows easy integration into existing technologies, like mobile devices. 

URV Reference Number: 2-11144-11028
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