Shape Memory Polymers

Brief Description:
A class of shape memory polymers with the unique property that the shape recovery rate is adjustable. The polymers can be structurally tailored to fit many applications because the rate of strain relaxation is influenced by the number and type of covalent cross-links, non-covalent hydrogen bonds, and temperature.


The properties of the shape memory polymers allow the material to be molded into many different shapes and sizes, allowing it to be used in many applications, including:


- biomedical tools and devices (prosthetics, stents, implants, and surgical tools)
- rewritable storage media
- intelligent packaging materials
- shapable tools
- deployable objects in space exploration

Shape memory polymers possess the ability to recover from extremely large strain imposed by mechanical loading. This allows bulky synthesized objects to be deformed into much smaller, pliable states and then returned to their original shapes. This technology describes a shape memory polymer that is transparent and rubbery in a low-temperature strained state. Less than 5% strain is lost over extended periods of time. The polymer returns to its original shape when heated. The recovery rate can be tailored to specific needs within the structural design. The polymer is easily manufactured and can easily be fabricated to desired size and shape.

URV Reference Number: 2-11141-11002
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