Software for Adaptive Optics: TsunamiSLO

Brief Description:

The software provides user-friendly control of devices needed for adaptive optics: wavefront sensor (Shack-Hartmann or other) with a digital camera, wavefront corrector (such as Boston Micromachines deformable mirror, or ImagineEyes deformable mirror), laser controller (such as Thorlabs ITC-502 or other) and power meters (such as Newport 1930 or other).


For the control of wavefront sensors and aberration correction devices used in adaptive optics in scanning laser ophthalmoscopes, optical coherence tomography and other research applications of adaptive optics.


The software can be used with various hardware setups and is provided in both object and source code to allow users to modify it to perform customized experiments.

Technology Status:

Software is being used by research teams in vision science.  It is available for license at $10,000 per seat.  Special arrangements are provided to research institutions which are members of the NSF-funded Center for Adaptive Optics.  The software can also be used with TsunamiWave (2-11150-08017), which provides computation of the Zernike characterization of the optical wavefront.

URV Reference Number: 1-11030-08036
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McKenna Geiger
Licensing Manager
University of Rochester
Kamran Ahmad