High Capacity Embedding in Printed Images by Halftone Orientation Modulation

The technology is a technique for hiding data inside a printed image by modulating the orientation of elliptically shaped halftone dots. 


This is a method for embedding data in a printed image which can be extracted by a digital scanner for security or document work flow purposes, for passports and other legal papers. The data could be security code or encrypted message, meta-data such as a URL, a voice file for the visually impaired or a contone image file for better reproduction.  A signed or encrypted thumbnail of the image itself may be embedded i the halftone image to allow authentification of the printed image.

Compared to earlier techniques for hiding data in printed images, the proposed method provides much higher capacity, while not significantly altering the appearance of the image.  The technique is compatible with existing computer based printing and scanning.
URV Reference Number: 2-11144-08020
Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Decoding Message Data Embedded in an Image Print Via Halftone Dot Orientation United States 8,014,035 9/6/2011
Encoding Message Data in a Cover Contone Image via Halftone Dot Orientation United States 8,023,160 9/20/2011
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