Measurement of Optical Pulses with Enhanced Dynamic-Range and Increased Bandwith

Brief Description:
This is a method for measuring optical pulse shapes using time-delayed replication of the pulse in a low loss, passive, fiber-optic network followed by temporal stacking of these replicas and averaging them. 

This is a method for accurately measuring optical pulse shapes which require precision beyond the range of oscilloscopes.  In this technique, optical pulses are averaged with their time-delayed replicas without introducing additional noise or jitter, thus allowing for high contrast pulse shape measurements of single-shot events.  The technique is particularly useful in applications that require real-time monitoring of pulse shapes.

Reliable measurements of nanosecond length optical pulses are normally achieved with streak cameras or photodiodes in conjunction with oscilloscopes.  However, the relatively slow update rate of single shot, high dynamic range streak cameras precludes their use in applications that require real-time monitoring of the pulse shape.
This technique avoids introducing additional temporal noise or jitter, and can therefore result in higher bandwidth measurements than conventional multi-shot averaging technique.  As compared to normal oscilloscope performance, this technique has yielded a dynamic range enhancement of three bits and is envisioned to be extended to seven bits.

URV Reference Number: 3-11155-07026
Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Pulse Measurement Apparatus and Method United States 8,044,655 10/25/2011
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