Reflective Optical Biosensor

Brief Description:
This technology uses polarized light reflectance interferometry for label-free detection of pathogens, monoclonal antibodies, proteins and other target bio-molecules on a micro-array silicon chip, with sensitivity similar to that of SPR and ELISA techiniques, but in a low cost real-time system.
This technology can  be used  for the label-free detection of bio-molecules in several market segments:
1.  Measurement of biomolecular interactions in research and drug discovery.
2.  Point-or-care diagnostics in a physician's office or remote clinic
3.  Food safety, water safety and veteniary medicine
4.  Homeland security and military pathogen detection.

The technique is sensitive to a 1 Angstrom layer of absorbed bio-material. 
Measurements can be made in real time in situ under aqueous biological media.
The robust optics concept enables accurate measurements on a chip array of 100 to 400 spots.
The concept can be extended to a low cost hand-held detector for specific pathogen detection in the field.
Technology Status:
A prototype instrument is now being built for biomolecular interaction analysis on a 100 spot array with automated fluid handling and data analysis at 30 frames a second.
URV Reference Number: 1-11033-05041
Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
System and Method for Brewster Angle Straddle Interferometry United States 7,551,294 6/23/2009
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