Provider Portal/Web Bed Board

The "Web Bed Board" system was developed by the Division of Medical Informatics and the URMC Information Systems Division to manage the facets of the SMH and HH patient census.  The "web bed board," is an application within the URMC Provider Portal, replacing the legacy magnetic census board that had occupied the SMH admitting office.  The Admission/Discharge/Transfer and other results are fed in real time into the Clinical Data Repository where it can be viewed by URMC providers and staff.

This invention improves upon the prior method of organization, the magnetic census board, still being used in many admitting offices to manage bed status.  There is a movement to "paperless" offices and there have been many "customized" programs developed for hospitals to use in place of paper records, but there are no known commercial products with the full functionality capable of this system.

URV Reference Number: 6-1443
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Saurin Parikh
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