Use of Molecular Techniques to Identify Regulators of Bone Formation

The bone formation that occurs at sites of periodontal inflammation is haphazard and disorganized.  This occurs, in part, because inflammatory cells and/or bacteria disrupt site-directing bone formation signals.  This technology has utilized a novel technique to identify regulators of bone formation which occurs during normal bone remodeling.  Using this technique they have identified a protein that is crucial for stimulating osteoblast bone formation at the site of resorption.  Further characterization of this protein has identified the region of the molecule responsible for osteoblast stimulation.

This technology can be applied to directing bone formation in diseases such as osteoporosis, preventing bone loss that occurs during an inflammatory process and ensuring that orthopaedic implants become solidly embedded in the skeleton.
URV Reference Number: 6-0966
Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Compositions and Methods Involved in Bone Growth United States 7,241,732 7/10/2007
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