Cheap, Plentiful, and Environmentally Friendly Method for Producing Hydrogen

A method of making hydrogen using semiconductor nanocrystals, an inexpensive catalyst, water, and sunlight.


Problem Solved by this Technology

Current methods of producing hydrogen from water require the use of fossil fuels and expensive catalysts involving precious metals. This method employs sunlight as the source of energy for the process and nickel salts as a catalyst. Therefore, this method does not add carbon to the atmosphere and it does not consume valuable and finite resources, such as platinum. The high cost of generating hydrogen using present technologies prevents its wide-scale adoption. Our method is cost-effective, renewable, efficient, and scalable.



Hydrogen can be used to power vehicles, such as cars, buses, trucks, and airplanes. It is also used in fuel cells, which have many uses, including central power generation.

URV Reference Number: 1-11033-13006
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