RECRUIT - A Database Solution for the Management of Clinical Trial Recruitment

RECRUIT is a clinical trial recruitment management software program developed internally by the Informatics Core of the NIH funded Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at the University of Rochester.
Research-this application is applicable to all research projects.
Electronic-optimized for speed and user friendliness using tried-and-true database technologies developed by the UR Informatics.
Calendaring-built in calendaring component allows for scheduling, tracking, protocol subject compliance and allows for alerts to ensure that all protocols are completed.
Retention-built-in features and in-room electronic entry allow for information to be quickly captured; improving consistency and keeping patients in the study.
Universally-capable on all platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux.
Individual-with any medical research technology, the individual patient comes first.
Tracking-ability to track recruitment methods, subjects’ visits, and staffing efforts.
Technology has moved at lightning speed. Clinical research has struggled to keep pace. There is a great need for taking the requirements of clinical research and developing computer applications that will meet the demands of clinical research. Running clinical trials has become more competitive and it is important to be able to meet the needs of the customer with a system that allows for maximum results with minimal resources. The use of technology is a way to meet that goal. Real time tracking of referral sources is needed to be able to respond quickly and re-tool recruitment efforts to ensure success of meeting the enrollment goals. Many people-hours are frequently spent on scheduling subjects’ visits and tabulating the compliance of the subjects. Paper reports cannot analyze the data in a systematic way.
A computerized system, in theory, can assist people to work faster and more systematic. This is only true if the system is a well designed well thought out system that allows for the flexibility of running multiple types of studies.
The RECRUIT data system has the flexibility to adapt to multiple types of studies.  RECRUIT allows for multiple users to be on line at one time viewing current information.  RECRUIT tracks subjects’ compliance and visit schedule while also tracking staffing efforts to be sure adequate staff is available to meet the demands of the study.
The Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit (VTEU) at URMC is already an active user of the system and several international sites have expressed commercial interest in a demo version

·     Streamlined workflow generates cost savings through reduced effort.
·     Platform flexibility-compatible with all systems-PC/MAC/Linux.
·     Built-in Scheduling component to facilitate tracking subject compliance.
·     Allows multiple users simultaneously.
·     Accurate real time information.
·     Ability to track staffing efforts.
·     User friendly.
·     Detailed audit trail.
·     Site defined database fields allow any number of datapoints to be collected for any type of research study.


URV Reference Number: 6-1719
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Saurin Parikh
Licensing Manager
University of Rochester
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