Preoperative Planning Document To Facilitate Correlation of IVUS and CT Scan Measurements For Placement Of IVUS-Guided IVC Filters

Preoperative planning document for the single puncture intravasular ultrasound (IVUS) guided bedside placement of IVC filters.


Pulmonary Embolism (PE) has been reported in over 350,000 patients per year, with an estimated annual mortality rate of 240,000. Vena cava filtration is being used as an effective means of prophylaxis against PE in post-operative and critically ill patients.

A safe and cost-effective method of placing the filters is through single puncture intravasular ultrasound (IVUS) guided bedside placement which eliminates risk of patient transport and exposure to intravenous contrast material.

The major disadvantage of this bedside placement however, and the leading reason for this technique not being universally adopted is the relative high incidence of malposition (as high as 8%).


Researchers at the University of Rochester have come up with a method of organizing information from specific CT and IVUS pullback measurements in a preplanning document to support this procedure. Once this easily employed technique is universally utilized, the incidence of malpositioned filters will decrease dramatically.

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