A Non-Contact ECG System Employing Artifact Compensation

An integrated compact heart rate monitoring system that is suitable for long-term health monitoring


This invention relates to electrocardiogram monitoring with non-contacting electrodes that may work through a subject’s clothing. Non-contact biosensors for cardiac monitoring are of great interest for a number of long term health sensing applications ranging from exercise and fitness monitoring to management of chronic health conditions.


The invention enables non-invasive sensing of cardiac signal, which is much less sensitive to changes in electrode to subject distance. The non-contact biosensors make the system convenient and comfortable for long-term use, and can lead to more accurate correction method compared to traditional adhesive sensors and system. It removes artifact signals from subject motion and activity, which is a huge limiting factor in existing system. Lower noise will be caused.

URV Reference Number: 2-11144-12034
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Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Non-Contact Electrocardiogram System United States 9,037,221 5/19/2015
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