SURUS: Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging

Applications: The technology uses an inverse filter solution to eliminate the speckle phenomenon and poor resolution dependency on the pulse length and width, to produce SURUS (super-resolution ultrasound) images. This technology has applications for creating higher resolution images for ultrasounds, radar, sonar and other pulse-echo imaging systems.


Advantages: Currently a number of imaging systems exhibit speckle phenomenon that creates a pattern of nulls and peaks that are difficult to interpret. Additionally most imaging systems have poor resolution dependency on the pulse length and width. This technology eliminates both of those limitations, through the use of an inverse filter solution. This technology can by applied to many existing ultrasound and other pulse-echo imaging systems with little modification. With this technology the images produced have 6 to 10 times better resolution, as well as vastly improved visual appearance due to the elimination of “speckle.”

URV Reference Number: 2-11144-12003
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