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RNA-Targeted Small Molecules as Potential Antiviral Therapy (HIV, SARS etc)
Brief Description: A high error rate of HIV -I reverse transcriptase coupled with a fast replication cycle associated with HIV -1 favors rapid development and selection of drug resistant strains. Therefore, identification of small molecules capable of inhibiting viral components necessary for HIV -1 proliferation continues to be of great importance....
Published: 5/7/2024   |   Inventor(s): Benjamin Miller, Brian Mcnaughton, Peter Gareiss, Joseph Wedekind
Keywords(s): AIDS, HIV, Small Molecule, Therapy
Category(s): Therapeutic
Protein Transducing Domain/Deaminase Chimeric Proteins, Related Compounds, and Uses Thereof
Applications:Along with 1174, the present invention is directed to provide a chimeric protein capable of transduction into B cells for purposes of treating Class Switch Recombination and Somatic Hypermutation, both involved in antibody production and diversity, as well as other conditions such as B cell lymphoma.
Published: 5/7/2024   |   Inventor(s): Harold Smith, Mark Sowden, Stephen Dewhurst, Baek Kim, Joseph Wedekind
Keywords(s): Cancer, Gene Therapy, Oncology
Category(s): Therapeutic