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Human KC-NL Crosstalk Subversion by HCV
Applications:The invention has developed an in vitro culture system based on the isolation of human Kupffer cells (KC) and natural Killer Cells (NK) from the donated liver grafts. The model can be used for the identification of drug targets of viral hepatitis, and for testing drugs and biologics.Advantages:The model uses human cells directly from the...
Published: 6/17/2009   |   Inventor(s): Mark Orloff, Ian Nicholas Crispe
Keywords(s): Cell Signalling, Immunology, Research Tool, Therapy
Category(s): Research Tools
Protein Kinase C-Associated Kinase PKK is Required for NF-kB Signaling and Survival in Diffuse Large-B Cell Lymphoma Cells
Applications:This invention provides a novel drug target for the treatment of B-cell lymphoma. NFkB plays an important role in the proliferation and the survival of many types of B lymphoma cells. Inhibition of the novel target will lead to inactivation of transcript factor NFkB in specific cell targets and cause certain types of B lymphoma cells...
Published: 6/17/2009   |   Inventor(s): Luojing Chen, Jiyong Zhao
Keywords(s): Cancer, Cell Signalling, Immunology, Oncology, Therapy
Category(s): Therapeutic
Hybridoma Cell Line & Monoclonal Antibodies Named IV.3
ApplicationsThis invention presents monoclonal antibodies against FcRII, and the antibody-producing hybridoma cell line. These antibodies can be utilized in evaluation of function and regulation of FcRII.AdvantagesThis inventions presents the first monoclonal antibody that recognize FcRII, and provides a novel tool in FcRII related research.
Published: 6/17/2009   |   Inventor(s): R. John Looney, Clark Anderson, George Abraham
Keywords(s): Antibody, Cell Line, Immunology
Category(s): Research Tools