Magnetization Switching of a Ferromagnetic Layer Using Spin-Orbit Torques in the Absence of any External Magnetic Field

A base element for switching a magnetization state of a nonomagnet includes a heavy-metal strip having a surface. A ferromagnetic nanomagnet is disposed adjacent to the surface. The ferromagnetic nanomagnet has a first magnetization equilibrium state and a second magnetization equilibrium state. The first magnetization equilibrium state of the second magnetization equilibrium state is settable in an absence of an external magentic field by a flow of electrical charge through the heavy-metal strip. A method for switching a magentization state of a nanomagnet is also described.

URV Reference Number: 2-15089
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Switching of Perpendicularly Magnetized Nanomagnets with Spin-Orbit Torques in the Absence of External Magnetic Fields United States 10,510,474 12/17/2019
Computer Hardware
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