TugSafe Feeding Tube and Infusion Line System

Accidental dislodgement or misplacement of Gastrostomy tubes (G tubes), necessitates emergency department visits in 10% of patients within thirty (30) days of discharge from the hospital. 

In pediatric patients as high as seventy percent (70%) of emergency department (ED) visits are related to dislodgement of G tubes.  The present invention is directed to providing an infusion tube

detachment device.  This device and system detaches from a surgically implanted component, without applying undue stress on the implanted component.  Thereby leaving the implanted device

in place and functional.  In addition, the opening in the implanted device is sealed upon detachment, to prevent loss of infusate or enteral feeding solution.  This also provides for a clean and

efficient reattachment procedure. 


Advantages Over Other Technologies


- Prevents inadvertent removal of surgically implanted devices

- Prevents ED visits

- Decreases hospital admissions

- Infection prevention

- Can be widely used for other catheter connections such as urinary catheters


Technology Status

A prototype has been produced and is working and is still in development/refinement. This matter is patent pending and was filed on 09/13/2018 - USP application number – 62/731,038.


URV Reference Number: 6-18136
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