Human Glandular Kallikrein (hK2)-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies that Enhance or Inhibit the Enzymatic Activity of hK2

hK2 is expressed primarily in the prostate, making it an attractive bio-marker for prostate cancer development.  A panel of HK2-specific monoclonal antibodies was produced using a tumor-immunization strategy.  Compositions, which may be monoclonal antibodies, are specific for hK2 relative to PSA.  Compositions either enhance or inhibit the activity of hK2.  hK2 levels in serum can be of diagnostic value for cancer detection, either alone or in conjunction with PSA.

Thus, disclosed are assays using the compositions to identify the presence of hK2.  It is also understood that these assays can be used in conjunction with other assays for the detection or diagnosis of cancers, such as prostate cancer.  For example, the presence of PSA is a common marker for diagnosing prostate cancer, and the disclosed compositions and assays can be used in conjunction with any PSA assay, to further provide a diagnosis, based on the presence of the PSA and hK2.

Compositions (monoclonal antibodies) are specific for hK2 and do not cross-react significantly with PSA (prostate specific antigen).  In addition, a particular antibody composition enhances activity of and another inhibits the activity of the hK2 enzyme itself.

URV Reference Number: 6-1062
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