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Protein Transducing Domain/Deaminase Chimeric Proteins, Related Compounds, and Uses Thereof
Applications:Along with 1174, the present invention is directed to provide a chimeric protein capable of transduction into B cells for purposes of treating Class Switch Recombination and Somatic Hypermutation, both involved in antibody production and diversity, as well as other conditions such as B cell lymphoma.
Published: 11/21/2022   |   Inventor(s): Harold Smith, Mark Sowden, Stephen Dewhurst, Baek Kim, Joseph Wedekind
Keywords(s): Cancer, Gene Therapy, Oncology
Category(s): Therapeutic
Improved Live Attenuated Flu Vaccine
Novel methodologies to engineer an improved and a more effective live attenuated flu vaccine.Problem Solved by this TechnologyCurrent flu vaccinations (injection-based inactivated influenza virus and recombinant influenza virus vaccines) are suboptimal as they generate limited cellular-mediated immune responses. Additionally, particularly vulnerable...
Published: 11/21/2022   |   Inventor(s): Andrew Cox, Stephen Dewhurst
Category(s): Vaccines
Improved Safer Nasal Spray Flu Vaccines
A novel live attenuated influenza virus nasal vaccine safe enough for use by young children and asthmatics.Problem Solved by this TechnologyYoung children, pregnant women, and persons with compromised immune systems are at high risk for complications arising from an influenza infection. These people are currently served with sub-dermal, or nasal applications...
Published: 11/28/2022   |   Inventor(s): Stephen Dewhurst, Andrew Cox, John Treanor, Baek Kim
Category(s): Vaccines