Integrated Microfluidic Bubble Bioreactor for Cell Capture

Brief Description
A lab-on-chip bioreactor for cell capture and analysis.
Applications: This invention describes a novel process to microfabricate perfectly spherical concave lab-on-a-chip bioreactors that can be used capture cells from steady flow and maintain them for basic research investigations and/or for use in medical diagnostics/treatment.  One application has been to capture stem cells from peripheral blood and maintain them in the bubble bioreactors for further investigation.

Advantages: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis indicates that these spherical bioreactors have unique flow properties that are sufficient to maintain viability of cells.
Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Microfluidic Device and Method of Manufacturing the Microfluidic Device United States 9,346,197 5/24/2016
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