Use of a Heme Tag for Expressed Protein Purification, Visualization, and Quantitation

The heme tag is a heme convalently bound to a peptide appended to a protein of interest. It's used for 1) affinity purification of a protein. 2) Visual tracking of a protein during expression and purification 3) quantization of a protein using absorption spectroscopy 4) determination of a protein?s extinction coefficient at 280nm.



This protein tag can be applied in tagged purification process, including resins, pre-packed columns, and complete purification kits for purification of proteins using a protein tag for affinity chromatography. Also it can be used for molecular biology products.



The heme tag consists of a heme group covalently bound to a peptide, which can be genetically attached to the protein of interest. Advantages of this heme tag include visualization of the recombinant protein during all stages of production and purification to assist with troubleshooting. It needs milder purification conditions than the HIS-tag, which minimizes the denaturation of purified proteins. The size is smaller than other visualisible protein tags, thus it is much less likely to interfere with the endogenous function of the recombinant protein. Because of its affinity to HIS resin, the heme tag can produce high purity sample. Also it provides accurately quantitation of purified recombinant protein samples

URV Reference Number: 1-11033-10006
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