Electrically Addressed Composite Layered Flakes with Angle Dependent Reflectivity for Optical Device Applications

This invention relates to optical devices in which electrically switchable particles or flakes suspended in a fluid host are used in either active or passive devices with optical properties that can be manipulated and controlled by an electric field for use in information displays, shutters, switchable filters, etc.

This invention uses composite flakes with two or more dielectric, conductive, metal oxide or metal layers, suspended in a host fluid system. These flakes undergo angular motion in response to applied AC fields and provide optical effects that can be used in display devices. The ability to use composite materials allows tailoring the particles for the required desired properties, to manipulate as an example, the effects of circular polarization with polymer choletric liquid crystals layers which can maximize flake reflectivity to polarized light or when using metallic layers, to produce desired optical effects for “pearl luster.” These devices have inherent advantages in both fabrication and operation over the more recent inventions which use electrophoretic effect to move bichromal spheres or submicron particles within the device to generate the desired optical effects.

URV Reference Number: 3-11155-03038
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