Digital CMOS Voltage Interface Circuits

This digital CMOS voltage interface circuit transfers a digital signal between any two voltages, with minimal power dissipation.

This voltage interface circuit is used in CMOS microprocessors which have portions of the chip running at different voltage levels.

When scaling a CMOS technology, the supply voltages are decreased to control electric field inside transistors and also to reduce dynamic power dissipation. This however reduces circuit speed. To overcome this drawback different power supplies are often used in modern microprocessors, which require high performance interfaces. Previous interface circuit designs have led to significant power dissipation and increased delays from input to output. The interface circuit designs of this invention provide low power dissipation and minimal delays. Further, the circuits provide high driving strength at the output while the signal voltage exchange remains equivalent to the delay of an inverter, thus providing a delay equivalent to the delay of an inverter. The circuits set no practical limitations on the magnitude of the voltage levels of the two CMOS families being interfaced.

URV Reference Number: 2-11144-843
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