Method and Device for Preserving and Imaging Specimens while Retaining Spatial Orientation and Information

Brief Description: This technology is a device used to preserve and image specimens, such as tumors, while retaining specific spatial orientation information with respect to other objects.


Applications: This invention will be used to image tissue while preserving the histological integrity and spatial orientation of the specimen.


Advantages: This invention concerns the imaging of an object such as a tumor from a breast lumpectomy. The main objective of the device is to preserve the spatial orientation of the tissue excised during the lumpectomy. The device will also:


- Minimize tissue deformation due to gravity and compression

- Minimize x-ray attenuation of the material surrounding the tissue

- Provide visible markers in projection x-ray radiography, micro-CT, or MRI that will define spatial orientation and minimize image artifacts

- Allow easy access to specimen for histopathological examination

- Eliminate the need for additional person(s), other than the surgeon, to put the specimen in place for imaging


While keeping the specimen in a sterile environment and only minimally interfering with the surgeon’s workflow.   

URV Reference Number: 6-2107
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