Space-Charge-Free PN Junction

Semiconductor devices with this space-charge-free pn junction will not suffer from thermal process which cause noise or leakage currents.



This concept can be used in semiconductor devices such as infrared detectors, photodiodes, bipolar transistors and solar cells.



The pn junction is a fundamental building block of semiconductor devices, such as diodes, transistors, optical sensors, diode lasers and LEDs. All earlier pn junctions have contained a space charge region (sometimes called the depletion layer) between the p-type and n-type layers of the device. Thermal processes in space charge regions case noise and leakage, which degrade performance in conventional devices. Photodiodes used for mid IR imaging are typically cooled to -175o C for best performance. Devices with space-charge-free pn junctions will not require such cooling, increasing the convenience, reducing cost, and extending device lifetime.

URV Reference Number: 2-11150-07028
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Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Space-Charge-Free Semiconductor and Method United States 8,018,019 9/13/2011
Computer Hardware
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