Nanofabrication Using Actin Biocolumns

Brief Description
Brief Description:
A method to fabricate actin biocolumns, which are semi-flexible structures, from 10 to100 microns long, made from bundles of the natural biopolymer actin, one of nature's most versatile and abundant self-assembling proteins.  

The technology enables filament structures on a nanometer scale for use in optical devices and computer chips.  The biocolumns may also be converted to wires by metalizing the surfaces.

Actin biocolumns are advantaged because the fabrication can be controlled.  Many natural binding proteins for actin can be used to control both the dynamics of column growth and resulting mechanics of the column.  Because they are only nucleated by surfaces coated with a specific protein, ActA, biocolumns can be made to grow at specific locations.
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