Monodisperse Conjugated Oligomers for Polarized Light Emission

Brief Description
This invention relates to light-emitting organic oligomer compositions and methods for producing them for use in various optoelectronic devices and in particular in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED) for information displays and as backlight sources for conventional liquid crystalline displays. In such devices these oligomers can emit polarized light of a color that can be tuned by varying the chemical makeup of the constituent oligomers.  Certain oligomer compositions of this invention can also be used as protective layers in electronic devices or as fluorescent coatings in a variety of applications.

This invention describes monodisperse conjugated organic oligomers of low molecular weight  that are easily synthesized, are readily soluble in benign solvents and can be produced in high chemical purity and morphology.  Because of their chemical and mechanical properties, they can be coated uniformly either by vacuum deposition or spin coating, into uniform, randomly oriented, uniaxially aligned, and helically stacked thin films having temporal stability of emissive color for device applications.  In OLED devices, these compositions are capable of spontaneous uniaxial alignment mediated by nematic mesomorphism above their glass transition temperatures, with orientational order parameters of at least 0.4 and polarization ratios of at least 5.  They produce polarized light which can be targeted for use in Liquid Crystalline Displays (LCD) as power saving backlight source.   Current LCD technology uses absorptive polarizers and color filters which limit efficiency of the back-light to about 4%.  The materials of this invention enable more efficient power utilization and are expected to have lower manufacturing cost than conjugated polymers that are being explored by others for the emission of polarized light.
Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Light-Emitting Organic Oligomer Compositions United States 7,057,009 6/6/2006
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