Manufacture of High Temperature Materials by Combustion Synthesis and Semi-Solid Forming

Brief Description:
This technology is a low cost production method for manufacturing components of high temperature materials such as intermetallics, ceramics, and their composites. The materials and manufacturing method are most useful for the production of high temperature (>400°C) corrosion-resistant structural components and wear-resistant components.

It has been used in the fabrication of Ni3Al and TiAl inter-metallic parts, which are expected to have applications in the automotive industry as engine valves, brake rotors, exhaust manifolds, turbo charge wheels, and exhaust gas recirculation valves. It could also be applied to make other high value parts, such as turbine rotors and blades, pumps for petrochemical operations, and heat-treatment furnace parts and fixtures. The figure shows a valve component, indicating near-net shape forming capability.

Titanium aluminides have long been recognized as potentially valuable in automotive applications because of their light weight and high strength at elevated temperature, but they have been difficult to shape into parts. Ti-Al engine valves have been shown to increase fuel efficiency by 7%, because of their intrinsic lower weight, but they have not been implemented commercially because of the high cost of fabrication. This new technique provides a low cost, energy efficient manufacturing technique for this class of inter-metallic components.
URV Reference Number: 2-11147-1011
Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Method and Apparatus for the Manufacture of High Temperature Materials by Combustion Synthesis and Semi-Solid Forming United States 6,955,532 10/18/2005
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