Novel Autoinducer Molecules and Uses Therefore (Quinoline Signaling in the Cell-to-Cell Communication)


Therapeutic compositions containing the molecules, and therapeutic methods, methods of for regulating gene expression, methods for identifying modulators of the autoinducer molecules, and methods of modulating quorum sensing signaling in bacteria using the compounds of the invention are also described.



This technology allows the identification of compounds that modulates an autoinducer molecules in bacteria. Methods of identifying modulators of autoinducers are suitable for more than 20 species of gram-negative bacteria are now known to produce quorum sensing systems that contribute to pathogenicity. In addition to the role of the autoinducers on bacteria, we have recently shown that they are also powerful activators of the human immune system.

URV Reference Number: 6-0977
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Autoinducer Molecules and Uses Therefor United States 7,442,798 10/28/2008
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