Sonoelastographic Imaging of Soft Tissue

Change in the mechanical properties of tissue is a possible marker of disease.  In this technology, the medical imaging modality of sonoelastography is used to examine the elasticity of soft tissue by visualizing the behavior of shear waves excited by an external ultrasonic source.
The technique allows the shear wave propagation to be virtually slowed down so that it can be visualized using the existing Doppler hardware in modern ultrasound systems.  The images, called “crawling waves” provide information similar to magnetic resonance elastography, with the advantage of ultrasound's real time visualization of the vibrating fields.

An advantage of the approach is that it does not assume any particular type of wave propagation (such as a plane wave). This is because the probe vibration is completely temporal dependent and does not interfere with the spatial variation of the shear wave propagation. In addition, this approach requires only one shear wave source, and the visualization appears in real time, using existing doppler ultrasound hardware.

URV Reference Number: 2-11144-05014
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