The Depth Advancement Marker Needle for Image Guided Injections (DAMNIGI)

This novel, minimally invasive, needle device can be used to disrupt, cut or score tissue or deliver therapeutics, under image guidance, typically with CT or ultrasound.



CT or ultrasound guided needle procedures are common practice. However, the depth of penetration of the needle is hard to gauge in the short axis because the plane of the image is perpendicular or otherwise outside of the plane of the long axis of the needle. The current preference for long axis injections (i.e., ones where the needle and the plane of the image are the same) comes from the difficulty of gauging where the tip of the needle is when using a short axis. This invention overcomes that difficulty.



This invention allows for more accurately disrupting, cutting or scoring tissue or delivering therapeutics by accurately measuring the depth of penetration of the dispensing needle.

URV Reference Number: 6-2176
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